Monday, August 20, 2012

What's Up Folks

Welcome DMV sports fans to my humble abode. I'm your resident, neighborhood, spider...uhhhh....sports nerd.

First a little about me: I've lived in the DMV for the last 22 years & been a life long fan of the of all the  DC teams (my first love...sigh...was Jim Lynam coached the Bullets...sigh...). I picked up the Nats a few years ago (sorry, always had venom for all Baltimore franchises so I never really liked the O's, Raven's or any other B'more squad) and am pretty well-versed  most of the franchises. One more thing: I'm a Maryland alum (go Smith...GO TERPS...we'll definitely get to their upcoming football season soon)!

Whats the point of this blog as opposed to many other sports blogs? As above-mentioned, I'm first and foremost, a fan of most DC sports franchises. Since we haven't had the best track record in terms of success (putting it mildly), most media personalities (hello John Hollinger...cough cough) treats any news by our teams with an unhealthy dose of cynicism.

Also, over the years, I've found that many DC sports bloggers and writers are not fans of the teams they cover & they get rubbed down also by the national 'hate'.  I believe there is a unique perspective one can gain from, not only by being from the area itself i.e. a lifer, but by actually being a fan of any team they cover. Many of the bloggers, as the rest of DC, are transplants...and I think I may have a unique perspective being from here.

Note: I am not knocking any of the bloggers or anything. I read all of their stuff and I think they do one hell of a job...all of the SB Nation folks, ESPN blog network, Examiner blogs etc. Their stuff is usually on point!!!

One more thing; the types of opinions I plan to run are a bit more on the team level. I want to see the health of the different franchises currently and in the future. This will hell of a lot of topics such as the  future draft picks for the Skins, underrated talent level on the Wizard's roster this upcoming season, potential up and coming minor leaguers in the Nats system etc. Hence I may not do much day to day stuff (like a Nats game thread, or everyday roster ) but I am definitely confident I have some pretty cool topics planned about these teams.

BTW: Where did I come up with the title? Well, there is a song by (DMV's own) Wale called "DC or Nothing" and that's the whole point of this blog, right???

The first name I came up with was 'Eternal Sunshine for the DC (Sports) Mind'...glad I didn't pick that one. Just doesn't roll of the tongue as smooth...

Thanks for making it all the way down and am looking forward to one hell of a discussion with everyone.

I leave you all with this:

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