Friday, August 31, 2012

Fantasy Draft: Team "Rick Ross Grunt"

Obviously, just by the name, you know this team is destined for greatness. But, a great name does not guarantee great success (even though I think I will get some solid mojo from this).

So here was my overall draft:

Rick Ross Grunt
1.(11)Jimmy Graham(NO - TE)
2.(14)Matthew Stafford(Det - QB)
3.(35)Hakeem Nicks(NYG - WR)
4.(38)Dez Bryant(Dal - WR)
5.(59)Darren Sproles(NO - RB)
6.(62)Pierre Garcon(Was - WR)
7.(83)David Wilson(NYG - RB)
8.(86)Robert Meachem(SD - WR)
9.(107)Jay Cutler(Chi - QB)
10.(110)Alfred Morris(Was - RB)
11.(131)LeGarrette Blount(TB - RB)
12.(134)Sidney Rice(Sea - WR)
13.(155)Taiwan Jones(Oak - RB)
14.(158)Jason Hanson(Det - K)
15.(179)Washington(Was - DEF)
As you can see, I had a pretty crap draft position, 11th. I couldn't get one of the stud RBs in the top (fyi...I would've gone for McCoy) but instead, I went for depth at WR. Since this is a DC blog, you can see the Skins flare. Jimmy Graham was the BPA with the 11th pick so I went there. I love my trio of WRs (notice the NFC flavor). I think Dez is ready for a huge 1200+ yards & 10+ TDs. Also, I imagine Nicks will be his solid self and Pierre will have a 1000+ yards and 8+ TDs being Bob Griff III's number one option. Meachem may also be in for a big year as a starter in a Phillip Rivers offense.

I tried to address the RB position as much as possible so I got Sproles in the 5th round. He doesn't get you yards the traditional way but he is can get 600+ rushing yards, 600+ receiving yards 8+ TDs. He is more suited for a flex/2nd RB but, with my depth at WR (and the great ones being gobbled up early), I thought this would the most logical way to draft.

Skins defense will be fantastic this year...mark my words! Crap ton sacks and turnovers!!


One BIG one: Alfred Morris!!!!!! This guy will probably be the #1 featured back in a Shanny run offense! This has huge potential, especially with Hightower getting cut today.The Slaton trade hurts, but I doubt he will be a real threat. He is the best blocking back (very important trait for a starting back in a Shanny system) and the most healthy so I can see him being the main runner.

I mentioned him above but Meachem has some nice potential with Rivers throwing to him.

Two minor sleepers are David Wilson (uber talent, dual rb system, Bradshaw gets nicked up a lot) & Tiwan Jones (speed demon, zone blocking system, McFadden gets hurt a lot).

Any Mistakes??

There were a few: I got Stafford in the 2nd. I love Stafford and it was a solid pick (my QB last year)...but as you can see, I got Cutler in the 9th. I could have gotten another talent in the 2nd round (AJ Green maybe?)  and picked up one of the very nice QBs available later in the draft.

Another one was probably Blount. There were some solid RBs available when I drafted him.

I will try to keep everyone updated about the team (unless we are bottom feeders bye week 10)..My league is pretty competitive with some folks with good football knowledge.

What say you  about my draft sirs?

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